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One of the most popular questions we are asked in the office is "What brand of vitamins do you recommend?"  The answer never changes...SHAKLEE!! As America's #1 natural nutrition company, Shaklee has helped families live healthier and happier lives with basic principles.

History of Shaklee

Dr. Forrest Shaklee pioneered a movement to make the world a better and healthier place in 1956.  He did this by directly linking health with nature.  The Shaklee guarantee is that "Shaklee products always work, are always safe, and are always green (Product Guide 2011 The Best of You)."  From elite athletes, Oscar winners, and American families, Shaklee has been providing a natural way of health for over 50 years.  


Please take a look at our website and research the products.  Shaklee has an impressive collection of products including Anti-aging, antioxidants, digestive health, joint health, sports nutrition, weight management, beauty, and home products just to name a few.  We have always been excited to be Shaklee members and hope to spead the health to our patients! 

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