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Dr. Jared Scholtisek
City Chiropractic 
14142 Rivergate Parkway, Suite 300
Charlotte, NC 28273

​"A Skeptic No More...."
My first visit to City Chiropractic was on Monday, October 24, 2011.  My back had gone out on me the day before, leaving me in extreme pain.  I called and got an immediate appointment.  Upon arrival I was seen without delay.

I started my treatment with Dr. Scholtisek and in the course of the treatment for my back pain, Dr. Scholtisek also treated my right shoulder (I had been having pain in my right shoulder for over a year and I literally could not even move my arm level with my shoulder without having excruciating stabbing pain.)

After three weeks, my back is aligned, the pain is gone and it brings tears of joy to my eyes because, I can also now; lift my arm straight up in the air without any pain, I can reach behind my back, and I can rotate my arm in a full circle.  All of this was impossible before.  After going to physicians and physical therapists for years, I had resigned my fate that I would never have full movement of my arm again.

Initally, I was quite skeptical as to how the Chiropractic treatment was going to be any different from going to a physician or Physical Therapy (againa) but, I am no longer a skeptic.

Words can never fully express what this treatment has meant to my total well being.  I can never thank Dr. Jared Scholtisek and City Chiropractic enough for what they have done for me.  The treatment has been the difference between night and day.
Thank you Dr. Scholtisek,
Marsha B.

Let me begin by saying I am from Chicago and was in Charlotte on vacation visiting my two beautiful nieces. I have had chronic back problems for over 15 years. I injured my back when I was a paramedic carrying a patient down several flights of stairs and needed months of intense physical therapy. Every now and then I do something to aggravate my back and I usually try to stretch it out myself. When I first injured my back I used to see a chiropractor regularly, but over the years I stopped going. Unfortunately before my trip my back started acting up again. My husband and I drove from Chicago to Charlotte, about 12 hours, which only made my back worse. Trying to play with my 2 1/2 year old niece and carrying her and her 4 month old sister around wasn't as fun as it should of been, and I was really dreading the ride back home. My brother and sister in-law both see Dr. Jared for various injuries. They suggested that I see him before going home. Dr. Jared was absolutely fabulous. He made time to see me (we were only in Charlotte for 5 days), did a thorough evaluation and realigned my back and my neck. I felt a thousands times better after I saw him. He even did a follow-up with me the morning before I left to return home. I wish there were more practitioners like him. He made me realize that I really should be seeing a chiropractor and hopefully I can find one in Chicago that is half as nice and professional as Dr. Jared. He made both my ride and my husband's ride home much more pleasant, for this I cannot thank him enough.
Tina H.

I had lower back pain which caused nerve irritation and numbness for a few months, the first time in my life so decided to consult a Chiropractor without too many expectations. 
Dr. Jared diagnosed the problem right away with some X-Rays, explaining to me exactly the cause and what remedy should be taken, after a few weeks of consultation, my back pain and numbness have disappeared totally and I am back to the golf, the gym and activities that I love.
It was far more than I had expected. I feel so much better and without any medication at all, which was GREAT ! 

They are more than Chiropractors, the friendly, courteous, helpful manor made me feel like I have know them for years.
I will most definitely be back at Dr. Jared for alignment and check-ups. 

Definitely Exceeded my Expectations ... Thank you Dr J & McGee 

Chris B.

After fusion surgery, I was left with pain in my left hip, lef leg, and foot.  My surgeon, along with a pain specialist said they had done all they could and offered nothing but pain meds.  One afternoon the pain was so severe I was in tears and walking with the help of a cane.  I saw the City Chiropractic sign and asked my husband to pull over; that I was going to walk in and plead my case.  I went in to see if there was ANYTHING that could be done to help manage the pain.  Dr. Jared had immediate compassion and took me right in.  He worked his magic and the relief he was able to give then caused tears of JOY!  The next day I was able to walk without the cane and could finally enjoy a day without the pain medication.  Thank you to Dr. Jared and his wife McGee!! They have truly been a Godsend in my life.  I have referred several patients to his care and will continue to do so.
Anita L.Dr

Jared has helped my back, neck, headaches and knee. I even trust him to treat my toddler, who has chronic ear infections. After 1 adjustment his ear stopped draining. Check out City Chiro ... You won't be disappointed!
Karen D.